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  • Julia Regent

    Company Name - Parent, Melbourne, Australia.

    I have been particularly impressed at how much information there is here to support parents with their children and children with their parents. It is obvious that these stories and support materials have been carefully written by parents for parents. This website has given me the tools to deeply understand my ever changing teenage son of which I am forever grateful. I have particularly enjoyed the mediation audio recordings.

  • Ben Rhegus

    Company Name - Corplex Pty Ltd, Melbourne, Australia

    This group made a lasting impression with my team in the full day Presence course which reinvigerated our understanding of engery conversion. Ever since we started practicing the 7 simple presence techniques each day, our business community have grown much closer together, there are less personality clahes and more effective commnication happening. They have shown us that emotional presence expands the listening of each team member causing each person to feel honoured. Within the first few weeks after the course the increased intelligent descion making have both saved us thousands of dollars and created many new income streams and clientell.

  • Penelope Simons

    Company Name - Secondary Teacher, Melbourne, Australia

    As a high school teacher, I am so grateful for this website which gives so many lesson plans away for free. I have used the subjects of information page again and again to find already made lesson plans which have been perfect for what I have needed. They are so easy to download, learn from and apply imediately to my classroom.

  • John Alexander

    Company Name - Secondary Teacher, Melbourne, Australia.

    “Secrets of the earth has taught me to work with my students at all developmental levels, see more in them than they see in themselves and instead of treating them as a group, inspire individual acceleration of intelligence.”

  • Peter Thompson

    Company Name - IT Support Network Australia

    I attended the accelerated learning one day course and felt the power for the first time in my life of knowing that my brain is not a limited jar but an organic unlimited tree ready to deepen it’s roots and expand in all directions.


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