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We run a variety of group training and consultation sessions to expose some of the greatest secrets throughout the world in business management.  These company courses are tailored to advance the effectiveness of your team. Please choose the session that most interests you from the list below and inquire via our contacts page, email or phone.


One hour or Full day Courses: 

a) Accelerated Learning

b) Advanced Sales Techniques

c) The Marketing Machine

d) Deepening the Connection of the TEAM

e) The Maria Montessori Method Vs the Rudolf Steiner Method

f) Well-being through the Leadership Method

g) PRESENCE- How to shift it.

h) Stuck in the rut? How to get out and truly live


Key Note Talks:

a) The Education Method

b) Accelerated Learning

c) Archiving the Dream

d) Realistic Logistics of Succeeding

e) Systems thinking

f) Spiral Mechanics

g) Group Facilitation Mastery

h) PRESENCE- How to use it to influence and connect


Weekend Courses and events:

a) Become the Warrior

b) Sweat Lodge

c) PRESENCE- Know yourself

d) Which Way? Clarify the direction.


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