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Here are 7 keys to making your romantic relationship the best it can be;

1) Know that you are not 50% responsible for your half of the relationship. Instead know that you are 100% responsible for your relationship as it appears from your perspective however you choose it.

2) If your not happy in your relationship either choose to be, create it, and make it something amazing or get out of it as soon as possible. Too many people stay with a relationship they are only half happy with.

3) Be thankful for something everyday and articulate it to your partner.

4) Leave little letters and notes around the house to be magically discovered by your partner to keep the magic and romance alive.

5) Have a particular activity you really enjoy doing with each other. I love cycling with my partner, or dancing. When you are feeling lost and far away from your partner do that thing that brings you back together again. Know what it is.

6) Make time (like a date night) at least one night per month to go out just the two of you. Even book it one month in advance if you need to. If you have kids or other family members, try to dispatch them for that special sacred night per month just the two of you.

7) Remember the special secret thoughts and feelings of your partner so that if they ever feel you are not listening you can say yes you do, as you know this fact about them.

Questions you can ask your spouse to build a better relationship:

a) What is one of your secret thoughts you don’t normally tell me or would not tell other people. Tell them one of your secret thoughts.


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