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Key computer Systems that will transform your business:

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7 Important steps to starting a new Business:

1: Make sure you Love It!

“If you find a job you love doing you will never have to work a day in your life”. (Confucius)

Make sure it is something you want to spend a lot of hours doing over a very long period of time. If you are starting a business where you spend most of the time digging, know that you will be doing a huge amount of it for years to come if you are successful. So ensure that it is the very action you want to spend your time doing. Although there are many business where you can be the one who gets the work and does not do it, you should be 100 per cent knowledgeable and able to do whatever it is you expect other people to do. Don’t ask of others what you would not be prepared to do yourself .

2. Set up a Website: 

A mission statement, images (even if they are stock images), your purpose, target audience, your essence, your goals, future mission, one year, two year, three year, five year, ten year trajectory budget and business plan can all be created on your website. When setting up your website think as if you were your customer. Set up an easy click funnel within it that makes it easy for the customer to always see your email and phone number, click through the information they want and then either buy online or contact you for more information. So far the best website hosting service, for price and also ease of set up, (Something anyone can do) is Square Space. After spending two hours on Square Space you will have a slick website, a domain name, and nearly everything you need to begin your fantastic business.

3 . Register your Business Name:  

Go to ASIC to set up your name so that no one can take it. One hint is to make is as easy as you can for people to search it. Don’t choose something unusual or unique because the google search engine will never find it.

4. Set up a Customer Relation Manager

This will help you be clear of all the conversations, tasks, next steps, your business understanding of you goals and purposes all kept in one place. A very useful tool for anyone setting up a business. The best that I find for what I need is Highrise.

5. Set up a book keeping Accounting Software

There are many around but these are the two that most people seem to say has great repute. Try either: However, I find Xero the best, most professional easy to use and amazing for accountants.

6. Be clear on your customer Base and you image: 

Write down a list of all the different types of people who would use your product or service. Now start building materials or information to promote your product or service. You need images and words to sell it. You sell your product and service simply by getting that information to look as professional as possible, then by getting as many people to see it as possible. If you don’t know how to design great flyers and email campaigns then find a design person, photographer to do it for you.

7: Impact Circle

Expand your Impact circle to get the information to as many people as possible. You income will be exactly proportionate to how many people observe your information how often and what standard or quality it is in. Try to get it out to as many people as possible without paying too much. The more you pay, the less you make. You can make money simple by not spending it. Google add, face book posting is great, but actually you writing hundreds of personal emails and calling people on the phone will tripple the number of sales you get than those. The truth about marketing is that no one way of doing it will get the job done. You need it all, but it needs to fit within your budget. Before you spend hundreds on getting a SEO guy. go through all your information and make it look as good and professional as possible. Aim to send 20-30 emails and make at least 10 phone calls a day. Do that and you will have a successful business in whatever it is. Mail chimp is fantastic. Learn how to use it and add the contacts yourself to expand your business.


Good luck on your adventure. I’d love to know how you go with this process and if you want any further advise. Please just call and ask. 1300 133 352.







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